Behold The God Of Rock: Virgin and Sexism


This pleasing little ad is the work of Virgin Radio.  The caption reads, “Lock up you daughters the gods of rock are now in Ottawa”


These ads are apparently plastered all over Ottawa. 


It seems that the Advertising Standards of Canada, and the city of Ottawa fail to see why these ads are offensive.  

Hmmm could it be the whole idea that women need to be locked up, otherwise they’ll engage in teh sex?  Of course this is combined with the whole look how miserable you are now you pregnant slut.  If you had kept your legs closed, you wouldn’t be bringing a bastard into the world.  There is also the idea that these co-called Gods of rock are so irresistible that women simply could not possibly say no.   As natures dick holders it certainly isn’t possible that some women are lesbians and have no use, or desire for the great phallus. 

There is nothing redeemable about these ads.  They deny female agency, promote phallus worship, erase lesbians and slut shame all at the same time.  If you think about it, that is a pretty mean feet for one poster ad.   To all you naysayers who believe we have moved into a post feminist world, think again.  The fact that Virgin Radio could wilfully display these ads in the nations capitol and expect them to drum up good business, shows exactly how normalized treating women as second class citizens has become.

If perchance that you agree that these ads need to go, don’t shake your fist angrily at your monitor sign this online petition instead.  Women are not the powerless little dupes that patriarchy believes us to be.  It is time we stand strong with a unified voice.  No more tolerating this kind of demeaning garbage. 

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