Beautifying Your Vagina A Little Pink For You


This is definitely a case of are you fucking kidding me… Pink Button markets itself as “a Cosmetic Dye especially for the woman’s genital area, to help restore that healthy vibrant Rosy color.” 

Not only is this nasty little product highly sexist, it is extremely ageist.  With all of the issues that women have to deal with, now we are supposed to worry that our vaginas are not pink enough?  Give me a fucking break.   This little product exists to shame women and then profit off of that shame.

If you are even a slightly aware reader, you know what this product is not only wrong but extremely harmful.  Women already make significantly less than men and therefore all of these beautification products amount to a genderized tax.  We need to stop supporting and normalizing ideals that are  harmful to us. 

Really, if a man has the nerve to complain about the colour of your girlie bits,  is he someone you should be having sex with to begin with?   My New Pink Button  fits so well with the social construction of the vagina  as a dirty and disgusting thing.  We spend oodles of time praising everything phallic because it suits patriarchy but we never stop to question the purposeful demonization of the feminine.  In this product we can clearly see how patriarchy uses gender shaming to profit. 

I am going to keep this short because I don’t believe this product needs a huge denouncement from me.  If you are buying into this nonsense, you my friend are a dupe of patriarchy and capitalism.   Products like this can only be successful if you believe that you should be ashamed of your body. 

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