Bayard Rustin: Gay Man and Civil Rights Activist

I was reading sisterstalk when I learned that this month is LGBT history month. She had the following video of Bayard Rustin posted and I thought it would be wonderful to share it.

So many have no idea of his contributions because of homophobia.  Not only is this damaging in terms of GLBT history but African American history as well.  We need to reclaim people like Rustin and herald their accomplishments to the world.  The same tools which he employed to assert the worth and value of Black people, can and should be applied to other marginalized groups.  Whether it is gay rights, women’s rights, or ending racism, the common denominator is that we are all equal and deserving of basic human respect.  To erase Rustin, is to deny the very purpose of the civil rights movement that he worked so hard to organize.

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