Baby Wipes Terrence Howard thinks Chris Brown Is A Great Guy

image Seriously baby wipes needs to just hire someone to tell him when to shut the fuck up.  How many times can one man put his foot in his mouth?  Jamie Fox has already put him in  his place but apparently that was not enough for this tired ass man to learn.

When asked about the Rhinanna and Chris Brown domestic violence incident his response was the following:

“It’s just life, man. Chris is a great guy, man. He’ll be all right. And Rihanna knows he loves her, you know? They’ll be alright. ‘Cause everybody gotta get out of the way.”

It seems that dumbass has since retracted his statements, claiming he didn’t know that this was a domestic violence issue.  Man your eyes should have been brown instead of green, cause you are full of shit and then some.

Unfortunately baby wipes isn’t the only person to either come out in favour of Chris Brown or issue some kind of apologist statement in reference to this incident. 

I really had no intention of blogging about Chris and Rihanna.  I leave celebrity blogging to others like Bossip.  After roaming around the internet and reading the various responses to this situation, I have come to the realization that this isn’t the typical celebrity spat, this is a case of domestic violence.  

Domestic violence happens across the globe and the only reason people are paying attention this time is because it involves celebrities rather than a concern for the women who lives are brutalized by violent men.  Repeatedly I have seen the question, “when is it okay to beat a bitch?”   The apologism in this case has been astounding. One post in particular really caught my attention and it was written by the raving black lunatic.

What I meant was, given the various rumors flying around, was this incident a sign that Brown thinks putting his hands on women is normal, or was this a momentary lapse of control sparked by extraordinary circumstances. See, if Chris Brown was the second coming of Ike Turner, well I had no sympathy for his high-yellow ass. But, if he was somehow put under incredible stress before cracking, then I might understand things a little more.

I think that the above statement best encapsulates the arguments that have been circling around the blogosphere since the news hit the airwaves about the alleged assault. 

When it comes to celebrities because we see them on the news, watch their movies ,and hear their songs on the radio, many feel that they have a relationship with these people that in fact does not exist.   You don’t know Chris anymore than you know the mayor in a town three thousand miles away.  It is a false sense of familiarity.  You don’t know that he “isn’t like that” because you danced to his song at some club you frequent.

The idea that if he did it he was forced to by Rihanna is simply apologism.  Even if Rihanna put on her best boxing gloves and went at him, his responsibility was to extricate himself from the situation, not trade punches.  If you believe that it is wrong for a man to hit a woman, then it is wrong in all situations.  A woman cannot provocative this kind abuse.

I am particularly disgusted with the black women that are looking for a reason to excuse Browns behaviour.  Hello McFly, if you believe that it is okay for a man to hit a woman under “certain circumstances”, you cannot come crying when your man gets a little heavy handed with you.  Stop being a colluder and supporting the black male patriarchy.  I don’t care how cute he is, or how damn heavy is wallet is, and abuser is an abuser. 

Didn’t we learn anything from watching that rapist R Kelly walk out court?  How many times are we going to watch our black sisters get abused and support the abuser?  Where is your self esteem? Yes, the world will tell you that a black woman ain’t shit, but that does not mean you have to internalize it.

Rihanna is a beautiful, talented black woman and if we cannot support her, who can we support?  How long are we going to let these Neo Ike Turners beat on us? I will tell you straight out, the man that lays a hand on me better kill me cause any how I get up ….. enough said.  When is it okay to beat a bitch my ass.

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