Arpaio’s Jail Staff Cost Ambrett Spencer Her Baby

The racist, classist, sexist,  Joe Arpaio who calls himself the toughest Sheriff is responsible for the death of an infant child.  Had she still been alive Ambria would be two years old today.

image Arpaio was elected for his stance of being “tough on crime”.  He forces inmates to wear pink clothing to demoralize them, is famous for his green bologna sandwiches, forcing youth to work on chain gangs to bury the dead, and his continual war on bodies of colour.

This sack of shit thinks that it is a mark of honour to feed a human being on 20 cents.  Tell me what healthy life sustaining food can you eat for 20 cents, even in bulk?

Well good ole’ Sheriff recently let us know of his overwhelming concern for mothers and children by refusing to transport an inmate for an abortion.  To good ‘ole Joe the sanctity of life is without question.

Ambrett Spencer was to learn exactly how precious life was the to the Maricopaimage County sheriff, and his staff when she began to experience pain while pregnant in one of his cells.  It took his staff four hours secure the appropriate medical care for her, because the nurse decided that she was not in any “immediate danger.” 

Instead of raising her baby girl, today Spencer is a woman who is grieving.  Imagine holding the body of your dead child, that you were powerless to save because some man unilaterally decided that pregnant women only count when they can be used to try and reduce womens reproductive rights. If life really mattered, why did the life of little Ambria not count as valuable enough to be saved? No matter what crime her mother had committed, why was she not entitled to life?  This isn’t being tough on crime, this murder. 

Little Ambria died from placental abruption. She had already survived in her mothers womb without prenatal care, or vitamins, but could not battle against a final failure to receive medical treatment. 

If what occurred to little Ambria isn’t enough to make you suitably horrified, read about Michelle McCollum and Lilly Lee as well as more detailed account of the death of little Ambria.

Socially there is the attitude that we have been to tough on crime and yet the recidivism rate is rising, as well as the prison population.  Small towns have become dependent on the employment of the prison industrial complex.  Subjecting people to dehumanizing treatment is not going to reduce crime.

Prisons fail because they are not about rehabilitation, they are about punishment.  Though Spencer was serving time for driving while drunk, losing her infant daughter was certainly a price that was to much to pay. 

Good ‘ole Joe is not the only one responsible for the death of this child, we all are.  Cumulatively we have decided not to fix the problems that lead to criminal behaviour and we have empowered this man to deal with the problems that our social imbalance leads to. 

Getting tough on crime should mean things like job training, drug rehabilitation treatment, and counselling. Locking people up and treating them as sub human savages only leads to the perpetuation of the problems that led them to incarceration in the first place.

It is not a case of us against them.  If someone is imprisoned, or is a former convict they are still a human being.  Women in prison have been extremely vulnerable to rape, and now we are learning that for pregnant mothers there is an even greater cost.  I cannot help but wonder how many times we need to hear about cases like Ambria, or a woman being raped by a guard to decide that this system needs to be overhauled. 

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