Areola Reductions, The Path To Perfect Boobies

One of the joys of being born female in this world is learning that no matter how how much you watch your diet, exercise or invest in simulacres beauty treatments your body will always be imperfect.  The medical establishment has profited from this constructed insecurity by offering several operations to correct natures flaws.  If you have enough money you can have a designer vagina.  It does not matter that it may function just as nature intends, what matters is that it could be prettier, it could be tighter.  So what if you can have an orgasm, if the dick that penetrates you isn’t satisfied you cannot possibly be happy.  Real women want tight holes, even the lesbians….

Of course the medical establishment is not happy with only making you panic about image the unnatural looseness of your twat, you now have to be concerned about the size and shape of your areola.  What if they are too large?  What if they are too puffy?  All women are supposed to come out of the factory with a barbie like shape, and if you fall short of that ideal something is wrong with you. As a true woman it is your responsibility to fix these faults. It is a small price to pay to achieve perfection.

According to the website of Dr. Romano, the procedure involves the following.

    • Usually a very light general anesthesia, and the procedure takes about two hours.
    • The procedure involves an incision around the areola edge and a smaller incision with removal of the excess tissue in between, like a donut.
    • The incision is very inconspicuous and located around the final edge of the areola.
    • Dressings and a light gauze bandage are worn for several days.
    • This can be combined with other plastic surgical procedures.

Are you convinced yet?  Well perhaps the results will make you realize that you need to correct this fault.  After his handiwork these are the results that you can expect.

    • Beautiful, balanced and proportioned contour and size and shape to the nipples and areola.
    • Lasts the rest of your life and always looks better than if you didn’t do it.
    • Natural and presentable appearance in the first week that just gets better over the next three to six months.

I guess the breasts that we grew when we entered puberty came with some kind of expiry date. Well if you are rapidly reaching your best before date, the medical establishment has the answer for you. Get the fat sucked out of your ass, get your vagina tightened and while you are at it don’t forget to get your areola fixed. 

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