Are You Poor? Here's 1Thousand To Get Your Tubes Tied

image Rep. LaBruzzo has discovered how to end  economic disparity.  The answer that we have all been waiting on is…drum roll please….paying poor people to undergo sterilization.  An old fashioned idea to an ever increasing crises. Do you smell the stink of white fear?

Eugenicists have historically argued that it is the poor, disabled,  defective and bodies of colour that are stagnating the growth of the country.  With an economic crises looming can we really afford to keep supporting those that wish to spend a lifetime sucking on the government teat? 

Remember that the current housing crises is the result of people who could not afford to pay for their mortgages.  When you try to give the poor a helping hand they always fall back on old habits and shirk responsibilities.  The liberal media would have you believe that it is the banking institutions themselves that are at fault for being blinded by greed, but seriously everyone knows that banks only have the interest of the common man at heart.

What Labruzzo and men of his ilk want people to believe is the lie that is preached in every single elementary school across the country; meritocracy.  The streets are paved with gold, and if you work hard enough each person has an equal opportunity to succeed.  If people are poor it is because they choose it and this is a choice that the government can no longer continue to support.

These suggested sterilizations encourage us to believe that parenting is not about the time and love that you invest in a child, but the money you have.  A mother that sits and does homework with her child, reads bedtimes stories, and kisses boo boos is not bad because she cannot afford to pay the landlords extortionist rent.  A woman is not a bad mother because she must find work in an economic system that says that her work is worth 77% of a mans.  Poverty is the result of an economic system that continues to privilege the elite while declaring each failure an individual one rather than a systemic one.

This hypocrite leaves no doubt as to where his class allegiance lies. While advocating sterilization for the poor, he had no problem suggesting a legislative pay raise.  It certainly is acceptable for a white male elite to gain from the government purse, but a poor woman was put on this earth to suffer and she should accept her role.

Labruzzo is living up to the legacy of his seat well.  His riding is the same district that used to be represented by David Duke.  The pupil has outstripped the sansei.  We are to believe that there is no racial overtones to this suggested policy, when the government has a history of forced sterilizations of WOC?  I wonder how much he sells swampland in Louisiana for?  Racism is still a very big part in American society and therefore it would hubris to assume that it would not play a role in which bodies got sterilized.

Despite flashing the all American boy next door smile, Labruzzo’s suggestions  come from a place of true malice.  He does not actually believe in ending social injustice or he would advocate for things like socialized daycare, education subsidies for single mothers, and more rent control.  Labruzzo seeks to maintain white male elite privilege at any cost. I don’t believe the lie of the post racial world ideology that we are being fed, but I certainly recognize race and class privilege when I see it.


H/T Victoria, thanks for emailing me this story

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