Apparently, Fat Shaming Is Worthy of an Award

Tthe above image  recently won a Clio award, and apparently the space was sold before the man was revealed completely in the nude.  What I find completely disgusting, is that it suggests that the nudity of a fat man is something that we should fear; that it would be unspeakably horrifying. To make its point, the advertisement is absolutely dependent upon fat hatred.
This kind of public shaming is something we normally see aimed at women.  Even now advertisers are busy pitching us healthy food and gyms so that we can have so called bikini ready bodies.  This advertisement plays on the same theme.  Fat people are expected to disappear from public view because our bodies are supposedly disgusting.  No matter the weather condition, only being covered from head to toe to ensure no visible skin is deemed appropriate, in order to avoid upsetting others with our unseemly flesh. It has absolutely become normalized to express disgust at the sight of a fat person.

The advertisement also suggests that nothing could be sexually appealing about this man.  Picture the same image, but with someone like Iam Sommerhadler, Alexander Skarsgård, Blair Underwood or any man that is understood to be conventionally attractive.  Do you believe that they would be encouraging us to stop him from undressing, or using his body to sexually excite the viewer? When it comes to male physical beauty, one must have a tight ass, washboard stomach and be somewhat muscular.  The man in the image looks nothing like this and therefor being physically attracted to him is understood to be an impossibility.  Fat bodies are the antithesis of what we understand as erotic. This is particularly why fat men are understood not to be masculine. In fact, it is the desexualization of their bodies that in large part that encourages the feminization of fat men.
It really is not shocking that such a hateful advertising campaign was selected for an award. If we are completely honest, there is nothing innovative about the spread, and so this award was given for the fact that it conformed to body essentialism through the shaming of fatness. Just as we are shamed anytime we step outside of what are deemed to be social norms, we are rewarded when we comply, because this helps to maintain the hierarchy of bodies.  This man was held up to the public as an example of what not to be, and by rewarding the creator, the message was sent that fat shaming is a positive, no matter how emotionally harmful this is for fat people.
The solution to the end of these sorts of attacks is not for fat people to lose weight, but for skinny people to grow a freaking heart.  Very few meet the physical standard that has become normalized and even those people quickly find that as they age their ability to conform becomes compromised.  These standards that we have created are false and harmful.  They send us chasing after a dream physic that in many cases is unachievable, while suggesting that we cannot live full and complete lives until we find a way to conform.  Personally I say live for today and get on with it.  The person who is obsessed with shaming, is probably only covering for the fact that they are rife with insecurities. That is the irony of all of this shaming – it is born of insecurity.

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