Antoine Dodson Goes Straight to Buffoon

Antoine Dodson first went viral, when a reporter filmed his outrage, when a man broke into his home and tried to attack his sister.  Since then, his rant was turned into a song and became a download sensation.  He has a line of merchandise for sale and even created the Antoine Dodson Bedroom Intruder Halloween Costume.  With the money he earned, he managed to move his family out of the projects.  The following is his latest Bedroom Intruder incarnation.

Okay, I think someone’s 15 minutes of fame are up.  When this first became a viral story, many were laughing at him because he was read as queer, poor, and Black,  rather than championing his righteous defense of his sister. I can completely understood that he sought to capitalize from his experience to create a better life for his family; however, he has now absolutely reached the point of extreme coonery and buffoonery.  Performances like this are not only harmful, they are completely a reflection of how Blackness and queerness are viewed by the public.  I am not saying that Dodson has to be a good representation of Blackness or queerness, but I am suggesting that performing on cue like this for the amusement of others (people are laughing at him not with him), is affirming the right of others to view Black, queer bodies as inferior. 

What are your thought on the video?

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