Anti- Racist Bingo

Often drive by trolls show up who have not had the decency to get their 101 on.  Many of us have long ago moved ahead of  the 101 level and it becomes frustrating to have to routinely repeat the same basic facts.  In the comment section, one will often simply see the word BINGO, rather than a long involved comment. 

The following Bingo card appeared at The Angry Black Woman on September 22nd, 2009.  


Looking over the above Bingo card, it became clear to me  that it accurately described comments often seen on this blog.  People really need to think about the ways in which they display their privilege.  These comments may seem innocent, but they are the basis of the racist world in which we live.

I thought that we could use this thread as a starting place to discuss and or list various comments that regularly appear, which should be considered racist but are invariably understood by the speaker to benign.

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