Anthony Bourdain And Fat Hate

image Ok asshole, apparently you need to be told that fat hate simply isn’t appropriate.  I know that you are trying to uphold an aging rock star ultra laid back image, but expressing bigotry against people doesn’t give you automatic entry into the “cool kids club”. It makes you an ignorant, insensitive, loud mouth, ass. Looking down at the rest of us “little people” from your skinny, white male, economically privileged position, just makes you a person that ultimately no descent individual wants to associate themselves with.  It is easy to pick on vulnerable people when you are sitting on a mountain of privilege, but it requires far more class (something you clearly lack) and human decency (another trait you don’t possess), to treat people with the same kind of respect that you believe that you are entitled to.

I just realized I jumped into my rant without telling you why all of this vitriol is aimed at FOODTV’s former most arrogant chef.  On his latest show for the travel network, Mr. Bourdain engaged in a conversation with Ted Nuggent in which he repeatedly insulted fat people.  In fact it seems that they were both vying to see who could be the most intolerant, and cruel throughout the entire exchange.

Nugent: I really am angry at obese people. Obesity is a manifestation of a cultural depravation. It is vulgar and displeasing to look at. It is suicide as a lifestyle.

Bourdain: My argument is that it is unpatriotic. It is not a personal lifestyle choice if you can’t wash yourself and you stink. .. I am not asking people to become a victoria secret model although it would be nice. The more the merrier. How do we smoke Osama out of a hole if we cannot fit our fat ass in after him?

Nugent: How dare a nation that clearly doesn’t care about their health, dare ask for healthcare. Obesity is the most vile and cultural abuse of (sic)personal responsibility.  I know that there are people that are mentally deranged that just don’t know better and they do need help but, 99% of the sperm whales walking the streets in this country got up in the morning and go I am fatter than a fucking pig, and here is a list of things I should not do, and should not eat, and I am doing all of it today.

Bourdain: When I grew up it was okay to pick on the fat kid in class. You are an undesirable blobaloid. Get with the plan, the presidents of physical fitness. Now that would be unthinkable, you have chosen an alternative lifestyle.

That Ted Nugent,  of all people would have the nerve to call someone else a fucking pig…does he not own any mirrors? His less than wise sage compatriot is no better.  When I see people spreading this kind of hate I am well aware that they are expressing a desire to maintain their social privileges.  Nugent and Bourdain may think that they are quite the catch because they are white, male and economically privileged, but I don’t think my vagina would ever forgive the betrayal if I ever mistakenly confused them with men worthy of a fuck.  They are living examples of everything money cannot buy you. Spend wisely boys and take yourself to an etiquette class, maybe they can teach you the manners that you clearly did not learn in childhood.

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One comment on “Anthony Bourdain And Fat Hate
  1. Shooty mcracist face says:

    You’re an idiot. Obesity is not a life choice, you get obese by not putting down the fork. You’re a fucking idiot, get off your ass and stop being fat if you have a problem with people talking shit about obese people. Fuck off