Ann Coulter Says Being Gay Is Not Like Being Black

Ann Coulter is one those people that I wish would simply go away.  In the clip that follows, she decides to expound on how Blacks and gays are opposite to each other.


Reporter: Let’s move on to this Chris Wallace dust up with Rick Santorum. I assume you saw it and your reaction to how that went down on Fox news Sunday; I got a lot of emails about it. Obviously Santorum is very socially conservative but what was up with that.
Coulter: I thought it was just an outrageous question, I was just surprised, I don’t know if your viewers have seen it but he gives this quote, “the military is very important, we can’t engage in social experiments. Do you agree with that Rick Santorum?” And I was sitting back thinking that’s going to be a quote from Hitler. It’s always unfair to do that.
Reporter: Right
Coulter: No it was some general who said it about Blacks in the military. Well first of all, I thought Juan Williams should have punched for saying that when he came on, on the second half of the program. I am sick of people comparing gays to Blacks. No, it’s very different. What Santorum said was true, it’s sexualization of the military.  It’s not like being Black. Tell me how being Black is like being gay. You can see someone is Black, you can’t see if someone is gay and the precise policy we’re arguing about is whether they can go around announcing they’re gay.  I mean it’s not just being gay.  Obviously a guy can be listening to Lady GaGa while downloading files he’s about to give to wikipedia in the greatest betrayal of his country that anyone has every committed in the military and he was gay. Pretending to listen to Lady GaGa, tha’s not enough under the old policy.  

Is your head exploding yet, cause mine is?  Though I hate to utter any kind of agreement with Coulter, I believe that she is right: being Black is not like being gay, however; being Black is not like being disabled, or several other isms. No two isms are alike and furthermore, isms frequently intersect. This however was not the distinction that Coulter was attempting to discuss. Considering that Coulter is neither Black or Gay, I really don’t know where she gets off believing that she has anything relevant to add to this conversation.  It seems to me that what she is attempting to do is to inflame already hostile interactions between homophobic Blacks and White racist members of the GLBT community.

Coulter’s comments also completely erases those that are Black and same gender loving.  Obviously, when she says Gay, what she really means is White and thus ignores that sexuality is not racially specific. The idea that this is a binary identity is divisive.  It emboldens homophobic Blacks to continue on with their hatred, while at the same time encourages racist White members of the GLBT community to continue with their hatred. 

The history of racism against Blacks, is not akin to the history of homophobia targeted at Gays and Lesbians, but that does not mean the same measures are not being used to support heterosexism. The idea that gay and lesbians openly serving in the military amounts to social experimentation or overt sexualization is specious at best.  The very same argument was deployed regarding women serving in the military. The fact that this same argument has repeatedly been employed, tells us that it is not about a concern for military effectiveness, but an ongoing effort to exclude and oppress marginalized people. GLBT people are openly serving openly globally, further cementing the idea that there isn’t a need to exclude to maintain morale or military effectiveness.  The arguments of people like Santorum and Coulter are so damn transparent that it would be laughable if it did not lead to furthering heterosexism. 

Under DADT, Black women were most likely to be disproportionately effected, which further calls into question the claim that there is no link between race and homophobia.  Not only were these women attacked because of their sexuality, but their race played a significant role. Coulter wasn’t thinking about these women when she busy discussing the difference between Blacks and gays and lesbians. As long as Black same gender loving people exist, there will always be a link between racism and homophobia. One need need match in every sense of the word for an oppression to exist, furthermore appealing to the difference between homophobia and racism to justify homophobic behaviour, does not even form the basis of a cogent argument. 

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