Ann Coulter Dates Jimmie Walker Can I Get A Negro Please


So there I was having an after dinner beer and kicking it, when Monica of TransGriot sent me the following image.  After throwing up in my mouth a little, I read the following:
“Ann is Ann,” the “Good Times” star told EUR’s Lee Bailey. “She’s a great woman, I have nothing but good things to say about her.”
Using words like “adorable” and “sweet” to describe the right wing talk show host, known for using racist rhetoric in discussing her conservative views, Walker brushes off her polarizing antics as part of her pundit persona.
“She does the Ann stuff,” Walker concedes. “But she’s just a beautiful person. I adore her. …She’s a very, very nice person and I’m lucky to know her.
“I have nothing but the highest respect for her, and I’m thoroughly impressed with everything she does – whether she’s writing Sarah Palin stuff or doing whatever,” he continued. “I’m thoroughly impressed with her.”
So does that mean Walker shares her political views?
“No, you know, Ann does what she does when she works for Fox, obviously. But she’s not just Fox,” he says. “She’s other things, too. She’s extremely bright, she’s beautiful and I’m honored to have anything to do with her.”
Ann Coulter, a beautiful person…NEGRO PLEASE — come the hell on.  I tell you, some Black men will do anything to get with a White woman.  Love does not conquer all.  For a Black man to be with Ann Coulter he would have to have no sense of self.  No piece of ass should be deemed more important than your self worth. Clearly, all Walker saw was the long blonde hair and legs and any sense he may have had went out the window. 

Lest anyone need a reminder, here are a few choice Coulter quotes:
It turns out New Jersey State Troopers, by scientific evidence that was — the Bush administration kept rejecting and rejecting — were stopping, if anything, not enough blacks.
That’s right Jimmi, better not drive while Black in Jersey, ‘cause your honey thinks you might just need a little more interaction with the po po.
On Halle Berry’s Oscar win Coulter had this to say:
And yet still, somehow, white guilt worked on Hollywood liberals! Berry had successfully mau-maued her way to a best actress award and then acted surprised. It’s interesting that Berry makes such a big deal about being black. She was raised by her white mother who was beaten and abandoned by her black father. Clearly, Berry has calculated that it is more advantageous for her acting career to identify with the man who abandoned her rather than the woman who raised her.
Those were the words of the “sweet, beautiful person”. Isn’t it adorable the way that she callously pronounced that Berry chose her identity because she thought that it would help her get ahead.  I guess being Black explains why so many women have won best actress awards.  I also love the way that she brings up Berry’s father as a reason to reject Blackness. She is suggesting that women should avoid Black men because they are all violent. Are you paying attention Jimmi?
Even if I were to give Coulter the benefit of the doubt and believe that this is all some act that she puts on to earn a living, her actions have real world effects.  Her public face is that of a hate monger, thus each day she reduces people of colour for a buck.  I don’t understand how Walker can publicly embrace a woman who is content to tear POC apart for money and in fact, the only answer that I can come up with is that he has internalized  so much hatred, that he has come to overvalue Whiteness.  While I am sure that playing Missy Ann and the Mandingo appears to be an elevation to Walker, to the rest of us it renders him a house slave….Keep shuckin’ and jiving cause nothing you are doing is dyn-a-mite.

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13 comments on “Ann Coulter Dates Jimmie Walker Can I Get A Negro Please
  1. Cheryl Stanbro says:

    Talk about racist!! This article is chalk full of racist rhetoric. Ann Coulter doesn’t have a racist bone in her body! You call a spade a spade, speak in right and wrong, black and white and God forbid!! Pulling the race card instead of facing the truth show weakness and cowardice not intelligence!

  2. BobLoblah says:

    Halle Berry isn’t black. She is brown. Now, jimmy walker is black and so is Samuel l. Jackson. Ask any of the brown negroes is they would like to be the color of jimmy walker or Jackson.
    And be sure to ask janet jackson also if she would like to be the same color as jimmy walker. And if that doesn’t do it, talk a walk into the southside of Chicago ( if you dare ) to see what black is black. stop the bullschidt.

    Ps:….Next to Yasser Arafat ( the father of terrorism ), jimmy walker is the ugliest human bean that ever lived….go figure…

  3. Leroy Jenkins says:

    Jimmie can do whatever the fuck he wants. Plus I’m a 24 yr old black man and I’d fuck Ann coulter too. At least she’s honest about her views and not anonymously writing passive agressive racist articles. You’re probably one of those white women a horny black hobo wouldn’t touch with a 10 ft pole!

  4. kilko says:

    you are another fake news outlet

  5. Jules says:

    Ann Coulter is a Disgusting person with not a bit of Sense I see why she can’t keep a Man who could stomach such a Vile, Pathetic, Ignorant waste of space smh.

    • BobLoblah says:

      Easy to see that you are filled with hate and jealousy, dear jules.
      Ps: You are fulla schidt to the eyeballs…..Go figure…

  6. IRONKRAFT says:

    Coulter makes reasonable points. After all, there are no crime figures, suggesting that blacks and other ethnic groups, have to worry about going into “White areas”. Now, the other way round…. black privilege?

    • Michele Horn says:

      She isn’t rascist. She is FOR Americans!!She thinks the government should not take in anymore immigrants until we secure our borders and take care of AMERICANS FIRST. are you against AMERICANS?

  7. handsomerandyblackladdiebrad1953 says:

    Oh,and who gives two craps about Jimmy Walker?

  8. handsomerandyblackladdiebrad1953 says:

    P.C. Jenkins,I wouldn’t have that ugly,bigoted broad ON A FREAKIN’ BET!!!!!
    She’s basically a “Lady Jane Crow (if you can call such a b***h a “Lady”) sort of a**clown!!!!!!!(This coming from a dude who LOVES buxom blonde babes!!!!!)

    • BobLoblah says:

      Why don’t you post a picture of your mug, you antagonizing piece of schidt. You are just jealous of Ann Coulter who has more brains in her bowel movement than you have in your hole ( sic ) body. Ps: Now, git thee forth and multiply in not so many words…..Go figure…

  9. Paul Christian Jenkins says:

    Ann Coulter is a right-wing nut job, however she is a decent looking white woman, that is for sure!