American Apparel Is Searching For The Best Bottom In The World.


Well ladies, now you have the chance to make your behind world famous.  Can you imagine the glory?  You simply need to take a picture of yourself wearing American Apparel underwear and submit it.  YEAH, YEAH, YEAH.

Exactly who do you think they are appealing to with this little contest?  We can say that women are choosing to submit these photos, however American Apparel is going to net a tidy little profit once again from the sexualization of female bodies.  It is further disgusting that they are staging a contest to decide who they are going to exploit.

Women’s activism is daily constructed as unnecessary and yet we still have ridiculous promotions like this that reduce women to body parts.  You’re not a person with a functioning brain, no you are a hot sexy ass. And of course, there is no such thing as the social disciplining of women’s bodies; this is just a harmless little contest.  This contest couldn’t possibly enable the idea that if you don’t look a certain way,  that you are somehow less than right?

It couldn’t possibly maintain White hegemony could it? It is just accidental that  Black women who have been historically considered the un-woman of the world, just happens to account for 1/10 of the images in the top ten.  This contest couldn’t also maintain skinny privilege because it seems to me that there just happens to be an absence of fat women.  I also have to wonder where all the women with physical disabilities are?   I suppose the value of your ass declines if you are paralysed or have a prosthetic leg.

Yeah, there is so much about this idea that is full of fail.  A contest judging women’s bodies that is going to normalize a certain kind of body while disciplining those that don’t fit; what’s not to love?  Isn’t it wonderful to see the way in which so many benefit from a best ass competition?  American Apparel’s marketing team  must be so proud.

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