American Apparel Goes Tribal


Where to even begin with what is wrong with this. Hmmm should we start with the fact that when Whiteness wants to go tribal, that Africa is where it turns thus devaluing bodies of color?  Yes, let loose your inner savage and go African, however be sure not to let your desire move beyond your clothing because White women must remain the marker for civilization. 

Of course we must mention the fact that Zebra’s are synonymous with Africa.  Africa cannot be separated from an animal link because that would encourage the belief that Africans are people and we cannot have that with all of the time that Whiteness has invested in creating Africans as “other” can we?

By continuing to appropriate, Whiteness is claiming ownership to these symbols without having to live with the limitations that it creates.   This so-called tribal clothing consumes the other even as they appear to celebrate difference.  They declare the right of Whiteness to not only declare what constitutes an African, but to use that construction as it sees fit.  Ze who labels controls the image.

Tammy writing for Racilicious has an excellent take on this clothing line and the implicit cultural appropriation. I simply do not have the energy to expand any further.  I will however say that the day Whiteness is understood to be represented by some in vogue animal, then perhaps we will have equality.  Deciding that animals are representative of people of colour only proves how far removed we are from a colour blind society.  But hey thing are getting better right?  (snark)

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