The Amazing Racist KKK In The Ghetto

The following video is NSFW as it contains swearing.

Clearly this asshole thought that this was a simple practical joke.  Sure, put on  white sheets, travel through a black neighbourhood and trigger them.  The KKK never was, or ever will be a laughing matter to people that have been lynched, beaten, raped, horsewhipped etc. 

What started as a social club for white men quickly became an internal terrorist organization. It spent years using violence to maintain white hegemony, yet this little “practical joke” is meant to be funny.  I suppose someone will tell me that I am being to sensitive and that we should laugh at the past; but the reality is that even though the KKK is no longer as violent as they once were, they still exist for the single purpose of terrorizing bodies of colour.

When people speak about living in a post racial world, it is the incidents like this that they are purposefully ignoring.  Each and everyday most people of colour will face either intentional, or unintentional racism. While it is not often as blatant as this, it still has the effect of challenging our humanity.  Racism is daily maintained by individual acts.

When viewing this video I am sure that the racism was easy to spot.  If one is even slightly aware of the history of the KKK, the terror behind this joke is readily apparent.  Some may even feel sympathy for the rage displayed by those that were targeted.  What I want is for you to remember that rage.  The lesson to take from this video is that it is not your intent that matters, but how it makes people feel. 

If you have said or done something that a person of colour deems racist, consider for a moment that  because you have not experienced incidents like this little KKK joke, you really have no understanding of what it means to be “othered” because of the colour your skin.  Instead of getting upset when you are called on your privilege, understand that not all  incidents will be as obvious as this; however the offence will be based in the same thing.   If you can believe racism when it is as bold as a white sheet, or a racial epithet, consider that it is as real when it occurs in code words, and small slights.  The net effect is whether obvious or not, action akin to this exists to maintain racial hierarchy.

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