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Hello, this is a video response to camaraeye11 and I’m doing this video response because I kinda want to address some of the points that you brought up in your video that I found kind of interesting.  So, the first thing that you brought up were interracial relationships between Black women and non Black men and how the majority of the time, these types of relationships are based really on monetary reasons.  I would have to say that I disagree with you.  Most women uh Black women are with these men mainly because these men share similar life goals, morals, and values.  It’s not really for monetary reasons – at least in my case and those other Black women that I do know who are in interracial relationships; however the majority of the time between interracial with Black women do no work out are mainly because of the lack of long term life goals.  Another issue that you had brought out was about Black women being desperate. Well, I absolutely agree you with this.  Most Black women, Black American women are extremely desperate.  

Most Black women, Black American women are the most desperate women on the planet.  It only takes one Asian man to go on youtube and to say something as ridiculous as “I love Black women” or “Black women are beautiful,” for Black women to go crazy.  And then you have Black women who are married to men who are Asian who come on youtube and talk about how to attract men who are Asian or “I’m a Black woman and I’m with an Asian male, you can be too.”  This is absolutely ridiculous because the majority of African American woman have no chance of dating outside of their race.  Black American women have absolutely no idea how the world perceives them – absolutely no idea.  And they definitely have no idea how Asian Americans perceive them.  Most Asian Americans in this country have a bad perception of Black Americans.  You know what, most people that are not Black, have a bad perception of Black Americans.  

Now let me explain to what I mean when I say Black American.  When I say Black American, I’m not talking about Jamaicans or Haitians or those from the Caribbean, or those from the Dominican Republican or those from Africa, or those who are first, or second generation Africans like myself.  I’m talking about Black American women who happen to be descendants of Black West African slaves.  These women are [a] different type of women. Majority of the time, these Black American women, majority meaning more than 50% of the time, um these are not normal women okay.  They are damaged women, that come from urban Black neighbourhoods and majority of the time or probably more than 90% of the time are raised by either a single mother or grandparent. So [the] majority of the time when these women look for a date, they’re not really looking for a man, they’re usually looking for a father figure.  That’s why in my opinion, that these women are really the most dangerous type of women to date.

You know, I have nothing against, Black American women, but I’m very aware about how these Black women are.  Most people feel that being with a Black woman, a Black American woman equates failure, because most people see Black people and they see just failure.  I mean it’s been over 40 years since civil rights and Black people today are in a worser situation than they have ever been in before.  You know, sure people can make the excuses about you know, about slavery, and the effects of Jim Crow laws but really there is no excuse to be at the bottom.  

So, you also have Black women on youtube, who in my opinion want to be an Asian woman.  They’re saying hello in Korean.  They’re absolutely obsessed with Asian music, and Asian culture. So you know, when I met my husband, I never ever and still am not to this day not interesting in Asian culture. Why? Because I have my own culture. See, I know what culture I come from.  I have my culture; I have my own language. Most Black American women don’t have any of these, so they cling on to something that has nothing to do with them.  If I was into Asian culture, if I wanted to morph myself into an Asian woman, or an Asian American, well my husband probably wouldn’t have wanted to be with me, because he would just find an Asian woman. So, you even have Black women going to places like Japan or teach english, when really the majority of the time they’re there to find a man.  See now, what these Black women don’t understand is that if you can’t find an Asian American, you most definitely will never find and Asian because these men are absolutely nothing like Asian Americans. 

You know I recently did a video about Asian men and Black women – why these couple pairings are so rare.  I really didn’t talk so much about really the quality of most Black American women.  Most Black American women are not good women.  They’re not eligible women. Most of them, they don’t know how to speak proper English.  They’re extremely rude, and they’re very loud, and they’re just not eligible women.  That’s why Black American women, are the least likely to date outside of their race.  Nobody wants these women, and I can completely understand it.  I mean, I live in a neighbourhood where it’s majority White and Asian. If I were living in a Black neighbourhood, it would be chaos.  That’s what you see coming from Black America today.  Every Black American neighbourhood is in ruins.  It’s the worst, it’s the most dangerous type of neighbourhood there is.  Nobody aspires to be like Black Americans.  Nobody.  

So, I just wanted to give you my take, on some of the things that I’ve been thinking about.  And it goes more – there’s a deeper reason why you don’t see Asian men attracted to Black women. Black women are not good women.  The majority, more than 50% are not good women.  Umm they’re just not, they really aren’t.  Anyways, good video.

All right, I think that we can all agree that what she had to say was some pure hateful ish.  Just because the civil rights movement ended 40 + years ago, does not mean that equality has been achieved.  Right now, more Black women are going to and graduating college than ever before.  Even as I write this, First Lady Michelle Obama is sitting in the White house and she is an incredibly educated and accomplished woman. Each generation, Black women reach new heights and this continues to occur, despite the oppression we face from both Black and White male patriarchy.

Her entire post was so full of assumptions that it made me ill.  Not all women are searching for a man.  Many are content to be single and furthermore, there are plenty of Black women that are looking for another woman.  It is interesting to see that her hatred not only extends to Black American women, but lesbians as well, because she had no problem with completely erasing their existence.

Look, much of what she had to say came straight out of the media playbook on how to shame and oppress Black women.  That she sees a difference between herself and African women is absolutely false.  If you are Black and born in America, you are an African American woman and no falsely constructed barrier is going to change that fact, despite the length she went to make distinctions.

As I listened to her diatribe, I became very angry.  The truth of the matter is, though we don’t talk about it openly, there is long been a discord between the people of the African diaspora and Africans.  Of course, publicly among Whites this is not something that we are going to actively admit, but it exists none the less.  This resentment is a direct result of slavery.  We separate ourselves from each other, with each side making unjust accusations in the false belief that tearing each other apart lifts us up. This woman clearly had internalized many negative ideas and felt that the only way to uplift herself, was to actively oppress African-American women.  I found myself angrily thinking about the times that Africans have reached out to people of the diaspora for aid. Does she think only White people contributed to Live Aid?  What about freeing Nelson Mandela and ending Apartheid in South Africa?  How about when we travel to slave castles to see our painful history and are mocked and taken advantage of?  What about the absolute denial of our right to take on the label Black, because our various hues, reflect the rapes of our ancestor?  Africa is not a monolith, and we know it, because we are desperately searching for our roots in it. But fuck, I am sick of seeing people of the diaspora being attacked, as though we are some poor relation, unless of course our resources are needed.

Intellectually, I know that the anger and passion I feel comes from a place of hurt, but right now all I can focus on is the hurt.  The truth of the matter is, that you just can’t go home again and every time people of the diaspora are subjected to this Black separatist vitriol, I am reminded of this very simple fact.  They don’t know us or want us, and the losses we have suffered are permanent. I do however know one thing for sure, if that woman were to ever be attacked by those that she has so fully embraced, it would be a New York minute before she found herself supported by the very same Black community that she so despises.  When she’s walking down the streets, people don’t see Black woman from Africa, they see Black woman and the sooner she and people like her realize this the better off we all will be.

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One comment on “African vs African American
  1. tanya says:

    First of all,As an African I wish to apologize on her behalf for such blatant disrespect.If you bother to read up an history book you would realise that people from the African diaspora (USA,Haiti etc) paid for their freedom with blood.The same freedom that today allows African nationals to reap those benefits.I just think that its wrong for africans,yes I am generalizing,to have a superiority complex.