African vs African-American Part II

Well you would think that after being soundly attacked for daring to put such hateful ish out for public consumption, that it would serve as a learning moment, but you would be wrong.  Here is round two of an Ethiopan woman, once again engaged his a hateful diatribe against African Americans.  The video does not allow embedding so you can find the link here, and as always the transcript below.


Hello Cameraeye11 this is a video response to your latest video.  I first wanted to say thank you for the video and thank you for the support.  Umm yes, I have really been attacked for my first original video and since then I’ve done two other videos; however, when thinking about even my first video, I don’t have a change of heart and I do feel the same way.  And maybe it’s not appropriate to say most, but I can say that from experience, the majority of those of who I have come into contact have fit the description of the stereotype. And I mean I’m even having to block my image because my video has been taken, and been put on different websites, and um audio has been distorted and it’s ridiculous, and it just goes to show you that you can never criticize Black people.  You can never criticize them without them going crazy.  You just can’t and I understand that people are upset and I understand that people don’t want to be put in a box.  I completely understand that however, if you don’t fit what I was describing there’s no need to get angry.  See if somebody made a generalization about Ethiopian women, I wouldn’t get angry because I know that I don’t fit the description of whatever they were saying, so I would have nothing to get upset about. However, must people are watching this video and they are not understanding that it was a video response to your original video [they] are definitely misinterpreting what I said about Asian men wanting Black women. They don’t understand that, and they are just seeing my video and they’re not understanding what I am speaking about. They’re not understanding the specific videos that I’m talking about. If you just see my video and you don’t watch your video, your not going to be able to understand what I was saying.  So I definitely want to thank you for your support. 

You know why I realize now why [the] majority of those who criticize Black people um they have to hide themselves and I understand why now, because if you put your image out there, I mean you are just, you’re vilified to the tenth degree and it’s really sad because you know there should be an open dialogue you know, about why more people aren’t speaking out.  Why aren’t more people outraged?  Why are more people – you know it’s one thing to say hey go into your community and do something, go into, go into a Black neighbourhood and try to make a change, but how can one make a change, or even try to make a change when people don’t want to change you know. What I believe to be the majority, which are those I believe are troubled from my experience okay, I don’t think they wanna change. I mean the responses that I have been getting has been overwhelming. I mean I am getting so many private messages from people that are angry to people to those who are upset and generally hurt and I understand those that are hurt however, I thought I was very clear that I was very clear that I am not talking about the majority (video insert: She says I feel that I am speaking about what I FEEL is the majority from my perspective) And I understand that every group has problems. I understand that but Black people in this country and I’m clumping every Black person no matter what ethnicity you are together, you know not even 13% of the population but there’s a disproportionate number that are troubled. So it’s frustrating you know. 
There are several people who have said, hey I agree with you, you know but people aren’t willing to change so forget about it. Well I can’t forget about it because these people are making me look bad.  You know, these people are reflecting a negative image on other Black people and everybody should be outraged and people aren’t. Why would you align yourself with somebody who is making you look bad?  Why would you align yourself with somebody is tarnishing not only your image in this country but your image around the world?  If you travel, people do not respect Black people because American Black people are basically the poster child for Black people all over the world. So it’s not about an Ethiopian women who thinks that she has some type of superior complex. It’s not about that. It’s about that I am a Black woman in this country and I am embarrassed by the behaviours that I am seeing from other Black people and I want something to be done about it.  You know don’t send me a message about how you’re a racist, F U go die. Don’t do that. Talk to me about how you’re feeling and if you’re living up to the stereotype what are you going to do about it. Don’t send me some crazy message umm you know. What’s crazy are not only are they – I’ve seen videos where they’re – you’ve got a guy in a disguise and he’s saying, “Black women, Black women get with this woman,” and it’s just like are you kidding me? You know making these outrageous claims, “oh somebody must have slept with her husband.” Are you kidding me?  I’ve also gotten video where people are saying, “I’m going to pray for you,” or people are saying “you need to realize that the Black woman is God.” Are you kidding me? The Black woman is definitely not God. It’s just uh really been outrageous. I am really surprised by the uh this type of reaction. I guess I expected more from Black people. I thought maybe – I thought it would be different you know, um but then again, whenever somebody is Black and they speak out against the, or criticize anything in regards to Black America they’re vilified you know, and Bill Cosby is a great example of that you know.  

Just because I am of Ethiopian descent does not mean I’m not a Black woman. My God do you actually know where Ethiopia is? It’s in Africa and I am a Black woman. Just because I look a little bit different does not mean I’m not a Black person.  Black people come on all different shades and we all have different hair textures and different facial features. There’s not one specific look of Africa. 

So I really appreciate your video and I just wish that people would be more civil, especially Black people because I have been getting the most vicious, vicious responses, and even the video responses have been very vicious. And it’s troubling because it makes you hate Black people, and I don’t hate Black people because I know [those] that so angry, they’re just disturbed the truth you know, but sometimes you have to stop and look and stop being so ignorant. And just because you know more good things than bad — well you might not be seeing the entire picture. So I appreciate your response, and I just hope that if anybody is watching that you know I just encourage you to be more civil. You know, this what people expect of other Black people. They expect to behave like animals and that’s what people are doing behaving like very animalistic okay. You want to criticize me personally, but you don’t want to address any of the points. You know, I didn’t have clear hard facts, I didn’t have numbers to present to you but this isn’t rocket science.  Everybody knows that the Black community in in trouble besides Black people. So look, all I am saying is why not talk about the issues, instead of focusing on things about Ethiopia. We live in America, I’m an American. I just happen to be of Ethiopian descent. So you and I are the same and we are under the same umbrella so why would I not care. So I am disturbed by these video responses that I am seeing, particularly from Black men who are saying, “you know, you have no right to speak on this issue.” Excuse me, look at where Ethiopia is on the map is not in Europe. Ethiopia is in Africa and I’m considered an African-American or Black in this country so I have every right to care.

Okay, so what I have learned from her latest video response is that she can say all of the bigoted things that she wants, but people who respond in rage to her are not being civil and need to be quiet.  This woman has become an expert in repeating the oppressors discourse.  When Blacks choose to speak truth to power, we are constantly lectured on our tone, as though our rage at being mistreated, is somehow more harmful than the pain that has been inflicted upon us. If you start off with ugly, people are going to finish with ugly.

She is absolutely married to the false idea that one can simply pull oneself up by the bootstraps.  Where is critique of the various ways in which White supremacy has functioned for hundreds of years to stymie any kind of positive growth?  Where is her analysis of the ways in which White supremacy has destroyed Black communities, under educated Blacks, introduced drugs into ghettos etc.,? Just recently in the mortgage crises, even Blacks who had good credit where offered terrible loans structure to ensure failure, but somehow the issue is not a concerted effort on the part of White supremacy to ensure that Blacks have no stability. No, she is going to judge the struggle, without ever once opening her eyes to see that this is an uphill battle against a force that is determined to see Blacks fail.

She claims that it is not about her feeling superior, or trying to be divisive, and yet she said in her first video, that Black Americans had no culture and that Black American women were bad women who were constantly in a search of father figures.  No one put these words into her mouth, and now that she is being held accountable, she is shocked to see that people recognize the oppressors words coming out of her mouth. She is the one that created the invisible line, separating herself from people of the African diaspora and to turn around now and say “I’m just like you,” because Ethiopia is in Africa, is a revisionist attempt to ignore the ways in which she was all to ready to declared herself different. If you are going to construct yourself as an outsider, you should never be surprised when you are treated as such. Furthermore, if you are going to talk smack about a specific group, you can be sure that someone is going to find a rock and throw it right through your glass house. Ethiopia is not a Black wonderland okay.

I think one of the things that bothers me the most, is her concern that the actions of Black Americans negatively reflected upon her.  You see, we all know that Whites get to be individuals, and yet we are expected to represent our race constantly.  This is a function of White supremacy.  I absolutely promise, that if you look at the evils committed by Blacks honestly, it will pale in comparison to the history of violence and oppression committed by Whiteness and yet it is Blacks who are told that we are savage. There is nothing to be ashamed of.  People are trying to survive in a world that exploits them at every turn.

It really does not matter, what I write in response to what she has said, or what messages people leave her on youtube, because this is a woman whose mind has been colonized.  The first lesson we must learn as Black people is to our love ourselves, because it is the project of White supremacy to teach us to hate that which is Black.  It seems to me, this woman has not even learned the most basic lessons and is therefore far from qualified to offer any substantive commentary.  Though everyone has a voice on the internet, not everyone should speak.

Editors Note: I used the same image from yesterday rather than the distorted image in the new video because I feel that she should be held accountable and it this pains her, so much the better.

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