According To Terrence Howard, Black People Have a Crab Mentality

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Yes, Terrence Howard AKA Baby Wipes is at it again. This time he has moved from his sexist commentary to targeting all Black people.  With all of the money this man makes, you would think that he could hire someone to slap him silly anytime he thinks it’s a good idea to open his mouth and share an opinion in public.  If nothing else, his silence would probably improve his flagging career and public image.

The following is an interview that Terrence Howard Baby Wipes did to promote his new movie, Dead Man Down.

transcript starting at 1:12

We have a crab mentality where we still pull each other down, because of choices that we make. Because I choose to marry an Asian woman, instead of a Black woman. So I think as Black people, we have to start helping each other and congratulating each other for being morally strong and doing the right thing by that.  If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say nothing at all. 

This man who liked doing love scenes with Oprah because of her “big ol’ titties,” said that women need to use baby wipes for hygienic reasons, has a history of domestic violence and stood of up Chris Brown,  wants us to say something nice about him.  Well, I’ll just get right on that.

Yes, Baby Wipes had a very public and exceedingly nasty divorce but his failure to acknowledge how his past bad acts influence the way that people view him, is yet another stunning example, of the ways in which this man fails to be a decent human being. There are always going to be people who have a problem with inter racial relationships but Baby Wipes’ issues began long before he met, married and divorced an Asian woman.  They are a direct result of his history of misogyny.

It’s only his own self inflated view that makes him believe that Blacks, or more specifically Black women, see him as the good one who got away.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know any woman lining up to be beaten, listen to sexist remarks and then be told that their bodies are naturally dirty.  To be clear, this is a man who beat his wife because his delicate fee fees were hurt.

Disapproval, or even an outright disdain, of Terrence Howard Baby Wipes is downright healthy.  Far too often we have seen prominent Black men commit a crime or engage in gender based violence, only to be supported by Black women.  When that pedophile R Kelly raped (yes, it’s rape if she’s not old enough to consent) and then urinated on his victim, it was Black women who stood outside of the courthouse cheering this man on and attacking the victim by claiming she was acting grown. Even convicted rapist Mike Tyson, was initially defended under the guise that the victim was seeking a big payday because apparently, big Iron Mike, who beat Robin Givens, was too much man to have to resort to rape. After Chris Brown initially beat Rihianna, in comment thread after comment thread, in the Black blogosphere, it was suggested that Rihanna earned that beating because she had the nerve to check Chris Brown’s phone. Of course Terrence Howard Baby Wipes, being an asshole, also joined the let’s forgive him parade.  If that were not enough, we even had Queen Latifah call for Chris Brown’s forgiveness saying:

“The guy is a young guy and he made a big mistake and he needs to
bounce back from that. And he needs an opportunity for a second
chance,” she says. “We can’t condemn that kid. He’s a kid and he needs
to correct the mistake for the future, not live in the past.”

Not supporting the career of a man with a history of domestic violence and virulent misogynist language, is not pulling a fellow Black person down; it’s deciding that women matter.  No Black man is entitled to our support, especially when it comes at the cost of the safety and right of Black women to live lives free of violence.  Spending money to see his movies would only inflate his ego and suggest that his past bad acts should come with no consequence. It is an act of absolute self love to refuse to support these men in our community, who use our bodies as punching bags and demean our person.  I don’t care how soft spoken he is today, his history speaks for itself.

He can whine about being replaced by Don Cheadle in Iron Man and speculate that his career has fallen off the mat but the only person he needs to look at his himself. He has given us no reason to support him and instead of looking to once again avoid responsibility, Terrence Howard Baby Wipes needs to start acting like a grown ass man and change his ways.  Men, good men, don’t beat women and they most certainly don’t feel the need to degrade women every step of the way. The healthiest thing we can do as a community is to keep speaking out against him and refuse to support his career.  If we are lucky, this attitude will extend to other men in our community, who think that their power, class and or celebrity status, grants them some automatic right to abuse us at will.  I hope Baby Wipes is happy because I followed his directive and focused on something positive.

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