A Gay Mormon Comes Out to Family and Friends

In the following video, a young man studying as BYU decided to record his experiences over the course of a year coming out to his family and friends.  The responses are actually very positive and supportive which very much surprised me.

It all seems so nice, until you realise that he said that because of his Mormonism, he will never get married and intends to stay celibate for the rest of his life.  This of course is his choice but is it so wrong of me to say that I find this incredibly sad?  Being a member of a faith that tells you it’s okay to be who you are, so long as your life is defined by their backward proscriptions, doesn’t seem very welcoming, or tolerant to me.

Would these same people who expressed their love for him, still be welcoming if he decided to just live his life and love who he loves? I doubt it. Conditional acceptance is not acceptance.  He said in the video that this life is lonely and asks for support but I doubt this is something he will ever receive in this faith or community.  

Everyone deserves to find love and companionship. Humans are social creatures and the very idea that his sexuality is his burden to bear in this lifetime disgusts me.  He should be able to love and be loved in return.  He should be able to have sex.  Sex can be an incredible moment of sharing with another person and an absolute expression of love.  That he is choosing this, doesn’t strike me as an expression of faith but a sign of internalized hatred.

Mormonism isn’t the only faith to actively oppress GLBT people but being a member of pack of bigots, in my opinion does not make it on the side of the moral right.  I wish him luck on this journey and hope that he can find a way to reconcile his faith, with who is without having to sacrifice so much.  Love should never ever be considered sinful because this is the one emotion which elevate us and makes us more than the sum of our parts.

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