9/11 Remembrances Open Thread

image I was at work and happened to glance up at the television.  I remember thinking why were they showing a movie.  It seemed to me at the time that films had always shown some disaster occurring at the World Trade Center.  It took a moment for me to register that the television was not on a movie channel and that it was on CNN.  Fear and panic immediately registered in my heart.  I have family residing in New York and I was terrified that they were in Manhattan.  I began dialling their number and was not able to get through.

I had to continue working though my mind was far from the task at hand.  A few customers watching the news began to cheer when they realized that America had been attacked and I remember the intense anger that I felt.  Regardless what you think of Americas terrible international policy, of interfering in the concerns of other countries, people were dying and I thought the cheering was cold and callous.

Hours later at home and on the brink of hysteria, I finally got a hold of my family and discovered that they were all just fine.  Even knowing that no one in family had been touched by this horrible event, did not serve to calm my fears.  I knew that I was watching the start of a war.  In the days to come, I would cry many tears as the news spoke about the victims.  It all seemed so  senseless and wrong.  Eight years later, Osama Bin Laden has not been brought to justice and there can be no closure for the victims families. 

I watched as the Bush government exploited 9/11 to justify the removal of civil rights and engage in a war of aggression against Iraq.  Bigots across North America used 9/11 as an excuse to engage in Islamophobia, forgetting that Muslims of many races have lived peaceably in North America for generations.  Even in the tiny town of St.Catherines, twenty minutes from where I reside, a mosque was defaced.  Even as we remember the victims of 9/11, we must also remember the attacks against the Muslims in North America.  Hatred and ignorance no matter where it is directed, is the cause of much evil in this world.

Please feel free to use this thread to share your remembrances…..

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