4 Dollars A Gallon Leads To Prostitution


According to Cincinnati.com, Angela R. Eversole, 34, of Fort Wright, is accused of prostitution and doing business without an occupational license.

Kenneth A. Nowak, 50, of Avon, Ind., told police they met at the hotel Friday night for a sexual liaison, according to the arrest report. The report says he paid her with a $100 gas card and other gifts.

“When people are selling their bodies for gas, that’s pretty sad,” said Ken Easterling, chief prosecutor in the Kenton County Attorney’s Office.

Yes it is horrible that someone would be reduced to trading their bodies for sex but with the cost of essential needs rising more and more are going to be reduced to this kind of activity. I find it particularly telling that he commented on this, and yet had no compunction about making sure that Angela was charged with a crime.

Fort Wright Police Chief Dan Kreinest said, “We’re looking to make a point to people in that business that they’re not welcome,”

Yes that dirty, dirty business, but where are these women to go? This is more of the same, “not in my backyard mentality” that is so common throughout society. Chase away the dirty whores but do nothing in regard to changing their material circumstances in the first place. As the gap between the rich and the poor continues to rise can we really afford to keep criminalizing activity that offers women a chance of procuring subsistence needs?

This is a complete misdirection and blinds us as to who the true criminals in our society are. Why are we not prosecuting the heads of industry who have made their fortune exploiting the masses….that’s right the money gouging oil executives? How about the politicians who routinely cut taxes for the richest amongst us? What about Walmart..king of gender discrimination, and illegal work practices? How about Monsanto, who with their GMO foods are destroying our food supply? No the real criminals are these over exploited women who have the temerity to sell the only commodity they have, their bodies. We are to turn our backs on the social injustice that leads to situations like this, forever blind to the imbalance of capitalism. No, not in my backyard, there is only room there for the indebted purchases that I have made to support a system that is intent on squeezing every last bit if humanity out of the proletarian class. When we remove moral judgement from the activity of the sex trade, and simply examine it within the relations of trade how indeed can we fault these women for their struggles?

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