15 Year Old Rape Victim Gets No Justice In Boward

It has been stated repeatedly that the bodies of black girls/women are always already sexualized.  What we fail to really conceptualize when these words pass our lips is that this translates into the rape of Black women/girls.  Our bodies have been violated for generations by both Black and White men because we are seen as commodities and jezebels.  Who cries for us but our mothers and sisters because they share our pain and carry the scars of the same abuse.

Rage is what I feel when I think of young girls who are not safe because some man feels the need to express his power and hatred against women by raping a fifteen year old girl.  Fifteen should be a time of discovery, laughter and innocence, yet for far too many young women of color it is the time that they are forced to become aware of just how little they are valued in this world.

A fifteen year girl was allegedly gang raped by 6 men.  Some even took pictures of the act and yet the Broward State Attorney’s Office has decided not to file criminal charges against two of the men accused of participating. 

image image One man (Johnson) went as far as to tell police that he stopped when “”he noticed the victim crying and discontinued receiving oral sex.” That damn well sounds like an admission of guilt to me.  Police also retrieved photographic evidence of the alleged rape.  These men are now freely walking the street.  Who knows when they will decide to hold another young girl captive and violate her.

Dear God, if they don’t want to charge these men with rape at least charge them with statutory rape.  One man claimed that he thought the victim was 18-19 but he did not stop to ascertain whether or not his suspicions were correct.  How much more evidence does the D.A need to prosecute?  Furthermore, what about child pornography charges.  If a girl can be charged for taking nude photos of herself then why are these men not being held accountable for their actions?  The D.A has a multitude of options, the issue here is that s/he does not care to exercise them.

Instead of simply stating that the victim is “uncooperative,” how about a little understanding for her condition.   It is highly understandable that after being gang raped by six men why one would be in fear and traumatized. What she needs is justice and counselling, not proof that once again the world views black female bodies as valueless. 

Each time a woman gets violated and it goes unpunished it teaches men that they have a right to our bodies.  As these men sit comfortably in their homes a young girl is haunted with memories of their actions.  Generation after generation of WOC have been raped without ever receiving justice because we stand at the bottom of the race and gender hierarchy.  Pundits love to tell us that things are getting so much better and I must ask for who?  Please someone tell me who it is better for, when a young fifteen year old girl can be gang raped and the perpetrators are allowed to go free.

H/T What About Our Daughters

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